Working towards a safer community for all road and trail-users—drivers, cyclists, runners, and pedestrians. Remember that the person walking or running on the trail, riding that bicycle, or driving that car could be your father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, or your best friend!



Safety and Awareness Campaign


Over the past year, Travel With Care NWA has started implementing a safety and awareness campaign using billboards on I-49, newspaper ads in the Democrat Gazette, and inking a strategic partnership with 40/29 ABC for the coming year.  Continuing these efforts requires donations, so please take a minute and help us to keep working towards a safer Northwest Arkansas.


Strategic partnership with 40/29 ABC KHBS/KHOG

We are excited to work with 40/29 over the coming year to spread the message of traveling with care.

Bentonville Parks & Recreation
Summer Playbook

(see page 7)

Billboards on I-49

(thank you to Ashby St. Outdoor for helping to spread the message)